Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mountain and Volcano

Mountains and volcanoes are symbols strongly connected to the cult of Aten. They are veiled references to Pyramids with their flat tops being the missing capstone. They are also the origin of the volcano god Yahweh that the cult has hidden their real god Aten (the light or sun) under. Notice the red Phrygian or Liberty cap in the bottom picture spewing out of the volcano? More on this subject later, I have to go to the salt mines now to earn my living...


Waesar said...

also connected to gate symbolism.
if you read up on ley lines and vortexes, volcanoes are right there with it of course. just like the worlds various pyramids etc create these 'spiritual votexes' that you talked about with the mushrooms.
hey remember when harry potter and gang hold on to that boot on the hilltop and spin around and then are in the parrallel world? yeah buddy!
hey what happened in joe vs. the volcano?
and what about that old garfield cartoon special where they ride in the old cadillac to the volcano chanting in worship? "chrome... chr-OM... wop-bop-a-lu-bop..."?
and if thats the case, why do those teens from TMNT always ride that old cadillac through the portal to dimension X?
it's like the way the 'men in black' are frequently referred to do...
"chrome..." or CROM! from conan?

Marg Verite said...

KROME is a Bija / Seen Mantra among the Yogi.