Friday, August 25, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 1: Eye of Aten

What does it mean when one of the biggest news distributors has many blatant secret society symbols on the cover of there news magazine? Does it mean that our news isn't objective and might be filtered through the minds of people who might hold there own interests in higher regard then the publics?


Waesar said...

it most definitely does my friend.

hey look! it's SkyNet!
(from the Terminator movies)

here's a 9/11 synchromystic link; SkyNet isn't just a fictional military computer network that gains self consciousness and destroys mankind...
it's also United Airlines' private intranet.
ya gotta start somewhere i guess.

aferrismoon said...

I noticed Santa Claus giving a sneaky eyeful from behind Marx's head. Synchro-
Marx can be Karl Marx, the 'father' of Communism, with the new Xmas a desacralized gift-giving , debt-initiating psychodrama, headed by Dyeda Mrza , Father Frost ,the Ruso-Slavic figure we have accepted as a harmless creation of cocacola murketing
2 years ago Czechs were faced with this figure in the main shopping areas of Prague and asked
' Where is Jezisek?' The traditional gift-giver had been usurped without so much as a by your leave. Some shildren were a bit upset , they couldn't grasp who FC or Santa Clause was and how can Jezisek disappear.
I also find it a tad wierd for Jews to market a Christian festival, not that Louis Marx is necessarily a practicing Jew.
In Christianity the Jews are said to have 'killed' the Messiah , alternatively not to have recognized the Messiah when it came. There is a history of Anti-Jewism from Anti-Jewish Christians so having a winking demon that presides over the birth of a Jew who initiated an NRG later to be called Xtianity catches my eye
Intrpretation: In business there's 1 religion and it ain]t called Judaism or Xtianity. I note from the Bible that the Phoenicians generally supplied religious groups with the most expensive of the temple and priestly decor and garb.
Profitable prophets
Phoenicians-Venetians of u I never Tyre
Globe bookshop in Prague have a load of Time for sale : the 2nd I looked at had the Xed out Terrorman
A10 Shun
Attention: Deficit Disorder - note the IOU above
BA10 down the Hatches before the metal birds fly

aferrismoon said...

LA Raiders and M Vikings
on the TIME mag [ which EMITs] with the 2 NFL teams we see Pirates and Vikings. The Lost Ark Raiders and Horned Veekings.
This propelled me headlong into In-Diana Jones.
MARX and SANTA - In the background the Fire Engine and 'plane diving towards a Train - 9/11,7/7 and Madrid train bombing and the now obligatory DUCK, which seems to be a warning- maybe you'll see a recent Dr.Who when Sally Sparrow receives a message to Duck. great episode with or without synchs.
CO - The Bottle-fed Globe is fed by a red globe with the letters CO - CocaCola or Communism
The Mig-8 was known in Russian as Ootka - The Duck