Friday, August 25, 2006

Occult Bells

Jul 4 1955
Aug 2 1943

The cardinals of Rome, and even the Pope himself, can be seen often wearing the "Hebrew" yarmulke. The olden-day monks would shave their heads into a ring to represent Saturn (Yahweh), the god of the Semites. The modern day priests wear the black dress with the white ring around their necks, again to symbolize the ring of Saturn. (Jews worship, on Saturday - Saturn's Day). In Christian art we see the "halo" representing the sun, but also the rings of Saturn. Bells are rung in Churches to call people to worship. The word Bell, however, comes from Baal, or Bel, an early Canaanite (Semitic) and before that, an Irish god, worshipped widely in the ancient world.

The consort of Danu was Bel. Bel is Baal (Lord), and was worshipped by the Hittites, Canaanites, and Phoenicians, centuries before the so-called Israelites were even heard of. Bel was the first deity of the Druidic trinity. The bells that ring out from Christian churches to this day get their name bell from the time of Bel or Baal (pr. bayal) worship. The Muslims know him still as their Al (or Allah), while to the Canaanites and Levites he was El. The proto-Greek Pelasgians probably derive their name from Bel (Belasgians), and were of Celtic extraction

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