Friday, August 25, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 19: Lapis

This is a segment from a blog post I did earlier at "The Brave New World Order" to read the entire post see here
I might go over this great cover again in the future but wanted it to be represented with the other covers on this blog in the mean time.

Another thing which came through me today might seem like a stretch to some and profound to others is the fact that Tiamat (the second sun) is somewhat similar to the word Amanita. Amanitas are also referred to in the “Pharmacratic Inquisition” as god’s sun on Earth. A second representation of the sun on Earth as the bright red Amanita mushroom can resemble the sun.

On this Time Magazine cover of Carl Jung no less, (isn’t life perfect?) we can see the whole story I am speaking of alluded to synchronisticly through occult symbols.

See the Lapis or philosophers stone tied to a string which goes up through the coiled serpents into their mouths? The lapis on page 308-309 of Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Teachings” is said to be the stone from which the holy grail was carved. Jesus, who it has been shown convincingly, is the magic mushroom as well drank from this same holy grail. Is the Masonic Lapis the magic mushroom? The Amanita also has a stage in its growth where it resembles the holy grail and you can literally pick it and drink from it, it’s magick liquid.

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