Monday, September 11, 2006

Time Magazine: Tricky Triptych of Terror

These three arrogant, tasteless and gloating images I find very telling about Western culture. Firstly it shows how the rationalist/materialist mentality sees evil as something separate from himself. Evil is always shown as something outside of oneself that you can destroy in the physical world. Does this ever work?
It also shows how they tried to create the impression in our minds that the war on Terror is on equal footing with the war against the Nazis. Zarqawi is an equal with Hitler? I personally had never even heard of Zarqawi before he was murdered by the Americans.

The first two images are of men who weren't even killed by America. The third however is and this makes the bloody cross on his face take on a new meaning. This also shows how they tried to create the image in our minds that killing Zarqawi was just as good as killing bin-Laden. It's probably still profitable to have bin-Laden drop of tapes at AlJazeera when America needs a good scare.
Oh, wasn't Saddam one of the boys at one point?

Is the world is a safer place now that these three men are "crossed" out?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fish King

Aug 30 1948

This one is really interesting. The Fish King could be the royal bloodlines themselves which some believe are descendent from Sirius. Here is a link to a Freeman Perspective episode discussing the Nephilim, Columbia(Isis) and fishpoeple connection.
Oannes from Manly P Halls' "Secret Teaching"

We could also see this as a astrological pictorial representation of the processional move of the equinox from Pisces into the age of Aquarius. The fish is Pisces and the golden canal could be the water of Aquarius. The golden water also symbolizes the sun. So we have Pisces now the king drinking from the waters of Aquarius, nice...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Feb 15 1954

We see 18(?) golden rays coming out of a golden sun or star themed creepy corporate sigil. Here are some possible interpretations of this symbol.
Freeman says the three v's found in the Volkswagen logo form 666 when we learn that the Hebrew letter for v equals 6. See this short video clip for more.
Further Michael Tsarion says in his video "The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media" that the Volkswagen logo can also be seen as the astrological sign Aquarius.
I'm not sure about the validity of this video (google video link below), can anybody verify whether this would be true if practically done with this symbol? Video shows how when the Volkswagen logo is made to spin it forms a Swastika.

Tricky Brotherly Hands?

Feb 4 1952
Apr 2 1951
Nov 5 1951
Jan 7 1952
Apr 25 1049

Are some of the above Masonic handshakes and gestures? I'm not sure, let me know if you can tell. Have you heard the story that Aleister Crowley invented Churchills' "peace sign"?

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Faith Game

Jul 12 1943

This one is tricky but a great example of how they work! Notice that all the important political systems represented on the wind vane fly underneath the Islamic crescent and star. What does that mean? Is the artist trying to say that Islam is the ruler of all these political systems. No. The symbol for Islam is a symbol with significance to the secret societies going back before Islam even existed. This is a Astro-Theological symbol of the heavens! The Crescent is probably not the moon but the ring of Saturn (El) and the star is either Venus, Sirius or the sun itself depending on who you talk to. Either way they are astrological symbols. We can see this symbol on other telling places like...

Also important to note is that the astroligical wind is only currently blowing in favor of the USA. It can change direction.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mountain and Volcano

Mountains and volcanoes are symbols strongly connected to the cult of Aten. They are veiled references to Pyramids with their flat tops being the missing capstone. They are also the origin of the volcano god Yahweh that the cult has hidden their real god Aten (the light or sun) under. Notice the red Phrygian or Liberty cap in the bottom picture spewing out of the volcano? More on this subject later, I have to go to the salt mines now to earn my living...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The Greek god Poseidon who according to legend named the Atlantic and Atlantis after his son Atlas. He is seen draped in an American flag and star crown with atomic rockets forming the three prongs of his triton staff. Remember that Francis Bacon one of the pivotal Rosicrution leaders wrote "The New Atlantis" while thinking of the New World (America). We also see a coiled rope surrounding the image and the naval anker (a stylized caduceus) and stars on the admirals shoulder patch.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A is for Aten

Dec 31 1979

The A formed by the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill has been said by people like Michael Tsarion to be the A of Aten. Aten is the Egyptian pharaoh venerated by many secret societies. Here we have this theme shown pictorially on Time.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pyramid with Missing Capstone

Notice how the clever framing of the picture cuts of the pyramids apex highlighting the missing capstone.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dialectics : Divide and Conquer

Dec 1 2003
Jul 8 1974
Nov 1 1993
Apr 6 1981
Oct 26 1998
Jan 10 1997
Nov 1 1999
May 1 1989

Ordo Ab Choa (order out of chaos) one of the major means used by the fraternally controlled societal opinion engineers of controlling the "useless eaters". Divide and conquer. Giving us one possible interpretation of the meaning of the double headed eagle of the Freemasons.

Ideas said to be inspired in the "conspiracy community" by Hegel's dialectics.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Canadian maple leaf a stylized Fleur-De-Lis?

Sep 12 1949

Aug 5 1946

Is the Canadian Maple leaf nothing more than a stylized version of the Fleur-De-Lis? The above Time Magazine covers seams to suggest this!
Is the Fleur-De-Lis in it's turn the bee as suggested by Manly P. Hall (p 269 of "Secret Teachings") connected to Charlemagne and the Merovingian grail bloodlines?

Pic of Charlemagne and the Fleur-De-Lis from Wikipedia

Pic from Manly P. Hall "The Secret Teachings of all Ages" p 269

For more background info

Another related Time cover

Aug 24 1953

For more on Hermetic, Masonic and Rosicrution bees and roses

Spirals and Coils

July 18 1969
Jan 17 1949

Spirals and coils are important occult images as they can have many significant connections to areas of subversive symbolism the fraternities like to use. They are reminiscent of the DNA helix which in turn connects with snakes/serpents. These groups like to trace their heritage back to Pharaonic Egypt continuing further to Atlantis and even back into space (no jokes) as being connected to the star systems of Sirius or Draco. I personally believe this is because of our ancient tribal magic mushroom symbiosis but that is up for debate. Spirals are also intimately connected to the fractal nature of space/time as I believe we are embedded in a spiral that forms the very substance of our universe. We can see echoes of this concept in the spiral shapes of DNA , weather systems galaxies etc. As above so below.

The new NASA moon mission patch

The red swish originating from behind the three big stars continues to coil around the planetoid forming a saturnine ring. The red swish also being possibly the red royal serpent bloodlines from Egypt's cult of Aten, maybe even as far back as Atlantis (from the star systems Draco or Sirius?). The red bloodline from Sirius (always in rough alignment with Orion's belt I believe?) coming down from the stars coiling around the planet like the snake? In context of my new developing theory about Atlantis being synonymous with magic mushrooms the red royal serpent bloodlines (they who walk on the red carpet) could be the families who keep the secret of the Amanita muscaria (the red magic mushroom) and the knowledge of the coiled snakes (DNA helix).

For more on the NASA moon patch

For more on the magic mushroom Atlantis connection

Friday, August 25, 2006

Fraternal symbols on Time covers 19: Lapis

This is a segment from a blog post I did earlier at "The Brave New World Order" to read the entire post see here
I might go over this great cover again in the future but wanted it to be represented with the other covers on this blog in the mean time.

Another thing which came through me today might seem like a stretch to some and profound to others is the fact that Tiamat (the second sun) is somewhat similar to the word Amanita. Amanitas are also referred to in the “Pharmacratic Inquisition” as god’s sun on Earth. A second representation of the sun on Earth as the bright red Amanita mushroom can resemble the sun.

On this Time Magazine cover of Carl Jung no less, (isn’t life perfect?) we can see the whole story I am speaking of alluded to synchronisticly through occult symbols.

See the Lapis or philosophers stone tied to a string which goes up through the coiled serpents into their mouths? The lapis on page 308-309 of Manly P. Hall’s “Secret Teachings” is said to be the stone from which the holy grail was carved. Jesus, who it has been shown convincingly, is the magic mushroom as well drank from this same holy grail. Is the Masonic Lapis the magic mushroom? The Amanita also has a stage in its growth where it resembles the holy grail and you can literally pick it and drink from it, it’s magick liquid.

For more posts on snakes etc

For more on magic mushrooms and how they relate to Atlantis see my other blog here

New NATO Crop Circle

This new crop circle which has been identified with Venus reminds us of the NATO symbol.

This is no surprise as NATO is (as Michael Tsarion has pointed out) quite possibly connected to the cult of Aten/Aton as NATO is as anagram for Aton. Further the cult venerates the sun, planets and stars because of their connection to light and the heavens. Venus in particular which is also Lucifer (or the morning star) is well connected to their divinity the sun as it heralds the sunrise every morning.

Feb 6 1956

2002 NATO Prague summit (peak, capstone)

Occult Bells

Jul 4 1955
Aug 2 1943

The cardinals of Rome, and even the Pope himself, can be seen often wearing the "Hebrew" yarmulke. The olden-day monks would shave their heads into a ring to represent Saturn (Yahweh), the god of the Semites. The modern day priests wear the black dress with the white ring around their necks, again to symbolize the ring of Saturn. (Jews worship, on Saturday - Saturn's Day). In Christian art we see the "halo" representing the sun, but also the rings of Saturn. Bells are rung in Churches to call people to worship. The word Bell, however, comes from Baal, or Bel, an early Canaanite (Semitic) and before that, an Irish god, worshipped widely in the ancient world.

The consort of Danu was Bel. Bel is Baal (Lord), and was worshipped by the Hittites, Canaanites, and Phoenicians, centuries before the so-called Israelites were even heard of. Bel was the first deity of the Druidic trinity. The bells that ring out from Christian churches to this day get their name bell from the time of Bel or Baal (pr. bayal) worship. The Muslims know him still as their Al (or Allah), while to the Canaanites and Levites he was El. The proto-Greek Pelasgians probably derive their name from Bel (Belasgians), and were of Celtic extraction

All text from Michael Tsarion at

More All Seeing Eyes of Aten

Apr 12 1993
Aug 25 1997
June 7 1999
Oct 11 1999
May 25 1987
Mar 24 1980
May 8 1950
Jul 14 1952

Wow, read the cover. It even refers to the "summit" as in peak, apex or capstone of the pyramid!

One more on the side that I've been seeing popping up on the net.

Do you see his fingers making a triangle centering his eye? Now, I have probably been lumped in with some crazy company by pointing that out. Ah... well.