Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spirals and Coils

July 18 1969
Jan 17 1949

Spirals and coils are important occult images as they can have many significant connections to areas of subversive symbolism the fraternities like to use. They are reminiscent of the DNA helix which in turn connects with snakes/serpents. These groups like to trace their heritage back to Pharaonic Egypt continuing further to Atlantis and even back into space (no jokes) as being connected to the star systems of Sirius or Draco. I personally believe this is because of our ancient tribal magic mushroom symbiosis but that is up for debate. Spirals are also intimately connected to the fractal nature of space/time as I believe we are embedded in a spiral that forms the very substance of our universe. We can see echoes of this concept in the spiral shapes of DNA , weather systems galaxies etc. As above so below.

The new NASA moon mission patch

The red swish originating from behind the three big stars continues to coil around the planetoid forming a saturnine ring. The red swish also being possibly the red royal serpent bloodlines from Egypt's cult of Aten, maybe even as far back as Atlantis (from the star systems Draco or Sirius?). The red bloodline from Sirius (always in rough alignment with Orion's belt I believe?) coming down from the stars coiling around the planet like the snake? In context of my new developing theory about Atlantis being synonymous with magic mushrooms the red royal serpent bloodlines (they who walk on the red carpet) could be the families who keep the secret of the Amanita muscaria (the red magic mushroom) and the knowledge of the coiled snakes (DNA helix).

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