Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tricky Brotherly Hands?

Feb 4 1952
Apr 2 1951
Nov 5 1951
Jan 7 1952
Apr 25 1049

Are some of the above Masonic handshakes and gestures? I'm not sure, let me know if you can tell. Have you heard the story that Aleister Crowley invented Churchills' "peace sign"?


dr.alistair said...

more likeley churchill`s desire to give hitler the flying "V".

the english version of the finger is the double finger "v".

gumshoe said...

further,after dr. a,above.

the british "V" is usually
the _back_ of the hand displayed.

look up the battle of Agincourt and the importance of longbowmen.

see Item 5.Fingering a popular myth