Monday, September 11, 2006

Time Magazine: Tricky Triptych of Terror

These three arrogant, tasteless and gloating images I find very telling about Western culture. Firstly it shows how the rationalist/materialist mentality sees evil as something separate from himself. Evil is always shown as something outside of oneself that you can destroy in the physical world. Does this ever work?
It also shows how they tried to create the impression in our minds that the war on Terror is on equal footing with the war against the Nazis. Zarqawi is an equal with Hitler? I personally had never even heard of Zarqawi before he was murdered by the Americans.

The first two images are of men who weren't even killed by America. The third however is and this makes the bloody cross on his face take on a new meaning. This also shows how they tried to create the image in our minds that killing Zarqawi was just as good as killing bin-Laden. It's probably still profitable to have bin-Laden drop of tapes at AlJazeera when America needs a good scare.
Oh, wasn't Saddam one of the boys at one point?

Is the world is a safer place now that these three men are "crossed" out?


Swan said...
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Swan said...

Terrefic job, you rock man. Ok, so just a small something that I noticed from these three images. The last two starting from the left (which I also guess are the most recent ones) have positionned the heads of the defunct 'evil-doers' right above the 'm' of the 'Times' title so that it kinda make it look like they have two horns. I mean, it is totally normal. Evil people. Horns. Perfect fit for my subconscious!! And by doing so, then even let what is, to my eyes at least, a white gap at the bottom of the page that is kinda too big to look good. On the Adolf page, every element are correctly placed so that each element use as much place as it should...

That's all!

Keep on going !

David said...

Adolf Hitler, Time's man of the year 1938... thasnk you so much for reminding me of that.

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Anonymous said...

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Time magazine. Wow.