Friday, September 01, 2006

The Faith Game

Jul 12 1943

This one is tricky but a great example of how they work! Notice that all the important political systems represented on the wind vane fly underneath the Islamic crescent and star. What does that mean? Is the artist trying to say that Islam is the ruler of all these political systems. No. The symbol for Islam is a symbol with significance to the secret societies going back before Islam even existed. This is a Astro-Theological symbol of the heavens! The Crescent is probably not the moon but the ring of Saturn (El) and the star is either Venus, Sirius or the sun itself depending on who you talk to. Either way they are astrological symbols. We can see this symbol on other telling places like...

Also important to note is that the astroligical wind is only currently blowing in favor of the USA. It can change direction.


namadnar said...

Interesting stuff here... I've been wary of TIME myself, for various reasons. Like its obvious "globalist" establishment bias, of course.

By the way, have you ever tried taking the logo of TIME, turn it upside down, and then turn it around again horizontally ("cross" reversal). You'll get a pretty E V V I L looking logo from it..... (creeped me out first time I saw it!)

Waesar said...

the star and cresent could also be a reference to the multi-cultural 'stag god', Cernunnos by one name of celtic usage. this stag god (who if i remember correctly was also prominent in turkey?) is very often seen carrying the sun in its antlers, and sometimes even the antlers themselves are just represented as fire.
two columns of fire?
two columns craddling a fire? escorting it?
looks like we have yet another stargate reference.
and considering the druidic connections of the Illuminists i'd keep my eye out for more. this stag symbolism has also been mentioned to tie in with the 'green man' as well but i havent been down that rabbit hole.
jagermeister (master hunter) anyone? (image search the logo if you're not a bartender like me.)
original recipe now available again contains Wormwood. fyi.

i really enjoy all your work and i've subscribed to your videos, please keep up the good work. i'm very, very excited with your style and i've got lots to share with you, this is just my ice breaker! great term synchromysticism... its how i do all my research but i just called it chasing the dragon...

heese said...

That is def. not the Lions Paw handshake, but I agree w/ most of your points here.
From what I recall from Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma, the Crescent is Binah and the sword is Chochmah. Wisdom and Understanding. Right and left sides of the brain criss cross to the eyes. Like in the Matrix when Morpheus is handing Neo the option of red or blue pills it is shown Through Morpheus' eyes. This is why red and blue 3d glasses work. One fish two fish red fish blue fish.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it really does mean the star & crescent of Islam because I read something old published by Masons once, that did have part of their ceremony as swearing by Mohammed. Found that rather strange.